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“This invaluable resource should empower caregivers with the confidence that they are focusing their financial and emotional resources on the treatments that are most likely to be successful.”

—Linda Meyer, Ed.D, MPA, BCBA-D, CPT
Executive Director
Autism New Jersey

Dissemination / National Standards Project

National standards of practice can guide stakeholders toward effective responses to autism. The standards also give policy-makers the tools they need to ensure that effective, scientifically sound treatment programs receive crucial funding.

The National Autism Center is disseminating the National Standards Report in a technical manual through broad web-based distribution. The findings will also be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Due to high demand, we are now making the National Standards Report available for purchase through our on-line bookstore.

Additional dissemination projects include:

  • NEW! A Parent’s Guide to Autism and Evidence-based Practice, a comprehensive manual for families with criteria for selecting evidence-based services and programs that have been proven effective and are backed by scientific research. The manual is now available for download or purchase.  
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Autism in the Schools, a manual for public school systems outlining specific evidence-based program components, procedures, and implementation strategies. The manual is available for download or purchase.
  • Coming soon: Published recommendations for physicians on counseling families with newly diagnosed children. 
  • Professional training in how to implement the national standards.

We invite you to view and share an eCard announcing the National Standards Report!