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Family Education

Being armed with information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) helps families feel more comfortable as they face new challenges. Some families need to know where to start when one member of the family has been recently diagnosed. Other families face unexpected difficulties as their loved ones with ASD learn to live effectively in home, school, or community settings. We are dedicated to supporting families by making information and resources more readily available.

A Parent’s Guide to Evidence-based Practice and Autism

Everywhere they turn, parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are bombarded with treatment choices—all of which claim to be effective. This manual is designed to support parents as they make decisions about their child’s treatment.

It discusses the complexity of diagnostic evaluations for children on the autism spectrum, identifies and describes effective treatments, and outlines the importance of professional judgment and using data to guide treatment decisions. Other topics include the role of family preferences and values in the decision-making process, and how best to determine if a professional or organization has the capacity to provide evidence-based practice for a child with autism.

Click here to download a free PDF version of the parent manual.

You can also purchase a printed copy of the manual, by visiting our on-line bookstore. The cost for each manual is $24.95 (includes shipping and handling).

Autism Education & Family Support Workshop Series

This series is designed for parents of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It will help you plan and provide the most effective educational and treatment services for your child at school, home and the community. You will learn successful parenting techniques, how to advocate for your child, and methods to overcome stress through a practical problem-solving approach. 

This four-week series take place at our campus in Randolph, Mass. Learn more here (pdf).