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National Standards Project

In recent years, a dramatic increase in diagnosed cases of autism, combined with greater access to a growing number of unproven treatment methods, has created an urgent need for universally accepted standards that promote evidence-based treatment approaches for autism.  

As its first major initiative, the National Autism Center is spearheading the National Standards Project, an unprecedented effort to produce a set of standards for effective, research-validated education and behavioral intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

The Center has convened a panel of nationally recognized experts from across the country to work together to establish and ratify the standards. The Expert Panel includes renowned scientists, practitioners, researchers and clinicians well known for their influential work in the field of autism spectrum disorders. 

Once approved, the National Standards will serve as a single, authoritative source of guidance to help families, practitioners, policy-makers and funders make informed decisions and choose effective treatments.